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A new study finds that sexting among teens is more common than previously thought, and that children are unaware that in certain states, sexting can be a criminal violation, suggesting that more stringent laws are required as well as greater education aimed at teens. Researchers from Drexel University conducted the study and published the results in Sexuality Research and Social Policy. Sexting The researchers surveyed 175 undergraduates at a large Northeastern University about their exchange of explicit text messages also known as sexting, including those with and without photographic images. 54 percent of respondents reported having sexts with minors. 28 percent said they had sent photos. The majority of respondents (61 percent) did not know that sending texts could be considered child pornography. The study found that 59 percent of respondents believed that being aware of the legal consequences would have stopped people from sexting. David DeMatteo (J.D.), Ph.D., is an associate professor of law, psychology and psychology at Drexel. He stated in a press release that "Given the serious legal penalties frequently associated with teens Sexting, and the evident regularity with which young people are engaged in this behavior and the lack of knowledge about these penalties can cause significant issues." The lead study author Heidi Strohmaier, M.S. She told Healthline, "We looked at both forms of sexting which are likely to be considered illegal, including photographic and text-only sexts (which are less likely to be considered illegal). More than half of participants are involved in sexting with teens.