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It's amazing how Hi-Fi separates the good from the bad. It is the ultimate test to see how far a speaker can stand up to the challenge of driving a real audio at high volumes into a room that cannot support them. It's important for each individual to understand what separates a good Hi-Fi system from that of a poor one. If AudioScaleurs is not equipped with a separate Hi-Fi system, or you want to upgrade your home theater audio system but do not have the budget to do so, there are ways to make it work better.One way is to configure your stereo speakers to output to hi-fi separates, which are broadcast by the same processor as your regular stereo speakers. These units are usually smaller than regular stereo speakers. They use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to communicate with the computer and deliver great sound quality. The separation of speakers and processors makes for a more fluid music experience because there are fewer crossover points. This is especially true in situations where two or more devices need to be listening to the same track.In order to make the most of your hi-fi system, connect all your digital sources to the same sound card. It also makes sense to connect your digital sources to external as radios or speakers. You will get the best sound quality in all your devices are sending the same signal. Digital-to-analog converters can accomplish this.If you are planning to buy a new stereo system, the Hi-Fi separates have become more valuable in recent years. An external dac radio is a very easy way to add hi-fi speakers to your new system. Connect all your digital sources to it and enjoy a superb audio experience. If your main stereo speakers do not have a headphone jack, try getting one from the market. You can listen to your favorite music without worrying about disturbing others.The turntable is the most important component of a hi-fi set-up. Many people believe that the size of the turntable is more important than the quality of the speaker. This is a very mistaken belief. There are now hi-fi turntables with AudioScaleurs that can fit in your pocket.A hi-fi system can easily become a burden when you need to carry dozens of CDs around. But there is an easy solution to this. Get a Wi-Fi ready USB Ethernet dongle and use it to connect your turntable, speakers and other audio/video components to your laptop or desktop computer. This type of device is similar to a Wi-Fi card, which can easily connect to the internet through a wireless router. With a dongle, you can easily transfer your favorite music, photographs and videos between your computer and your iPod/iPhone/iTouch for complete music enjoyment.The best part about the ipod /iphone/iphone connected via a dongle is that your tunes can be heard from anywhere. You do not need to carry a portable speaker to your office or home. You can stay comfortable and enjoy your favorite music / movies while on the go. The built-in speakers of the Wi-Fi enabled set can deliver crystal clear sound. AudioScaleurs can also connect your external dac or sound system through your laptop or mobile phone and enjoy your favorite songs and other audio tracks.A hi-fi system will only work properly if it is connected to high quality speakers that have a better audio quality. However, the vast majority of hi-fi separates do not deliver the kind of sound that you want to hear. This is because most manufacturers cut corners when it comes to the quality of the sound they produce. If you want your audio to sound its best then you should invest in a high quality pair of audio system speakers.